Overview of the Rome Hunger Games Map:

The Rome Hunger Games Map is beautifully constructed. This map is no simple hunger games map. It replicates how Ancient Rome use to stand with great buildings fit for kings and queens. This Hunger Games map is not only well built, but it is built beyond belief. The map it self is so large that there is no way one would be able to play unless at least 7 of your friends are playing with you to make it a full 8. So, battle it out, decide who owns this beautiful creation in the Roman Themed Hunger Games Map.

The map is based off the hunger games game mode, if you don’t know what a hunger games style map i s then let me explain. Based off the famous Hunger Games franchise, the game mode challenges players to hunt, search and scour for resources in order to gain an advantage over other players, with the overall aim to be the last man standing.

Rome Hunger Games Map Showcase:

Download the Rome Hunger Games Map