Overview of the Atlantis Hunger Games Map:

The Atlantis Hunger Games Map allows you to explore the ancient and mythological city of Atlantis. This lovely and beautiful city of Atlantis has been brought to life but it is not cake walk. There are other standing in front of you, there are those who want to be the King of the Sea. Become the King of the Seas while battling your friends on this beautifully created map that replicates the lost city of Atlantis, but also doubles up as a Hunger Games map.

The map is based off the hunger games game mode, if you don’t know what a hunger games style map i s then let me explain. Based off the famous Hunger Games franchise, the game mode challenges players to hunt, search and scour for resources in order to gain an advantage over other players, with the overall aim to be the last man standing.

Atlantis Hunger Games Map  Showcase:

Download the Atlantis Hunger Games Map